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Dan Donlan
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Someone tell these Plotaticians
I don't get your tax payer paid  Health benefits
Your insane income from doing nothing
And staying away from your offices downtown
That I can't take care of Heroin addicts addictions
Let  those who overdose die
They are the ones making the decisions
That the way out of homelessness is working
I don't mind taking care of those who really can not
Though not including the Mayor and legislators staff
But even those twerps can clean up their trash
If you want to build tent cities allot of room
in the Mayor and Governors back yard
But not in the inner cities and grow your own food
Replace vegetables in Marijuana gardens
I do and it is not that hard to lay seed down
I live on fixed income so should you
I feel bad you spent all your money on drugs and alcohol
But not so sorry on a fixed income to support your insane habits
Move your tents on the Senator and Legislators front lawn
Most who have two or three homes only need one
Maybe they well share their marijuana and drugs with you
Because they are the ones who are making it legal
to pollute the cities while they are in Paradise on extended vacations
Fix your incomes and throw the bums out of office


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