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 Contemporary poetry by Dan Donlan



 late thirties, early forties, health was good.
Still dunked a basketball at age forty and
Had a basketball game the next day. Family history of
strokes. History of AFIB, On this night,  Eyes were wide open.
Cancer was only on the Horizon
I began rising toward ceiling. I was too awake to be dreaming.
The roof of room opened to view Heaven.
Angels circled above. Looked down at the body next to my wife.
Only realized then I was outside my own body. I heard Mom's voice calling to me
Beside her sat the Littlest Angel. Later I heard of others who made the same trip.
Only unlike them I would never have proof. If was not a life death
situation. I didn't't' see Jesus but could feel the presence. I was there the day he took
Mom. Why would he be taking me I was unworthy? looked down Wife had
awakened and aware I was not breathing. She was trying to get me to respond.
I heard myself yelling, "No No I am not ready to go!" I knew nothing at this time
of the stories of Life After Death. I had gone through an orange-red glowing
tunnel of peaceful warmth. The Angels and Mom were beyond in chairs in the
beautiful tunnel of White lights. Mortal indecision I fell to the body below and
again began breathing.


I saw the light that is Eternity
Felt the warmth an orange-red glow
and a hand touched inside of me
A voice, "Come with us it is time to go!"

A  White tunnel opened
A warmth beauty beyond compare
To a world without a care

And there were Angels there
Pleading, "Come with us who care!"
And I followed
Left my soul behind
My shadow dropped below
For apparitions wait

Wife lay below sleeping
and there was mortal indecision
The power to stay was too great
And then it was too late!
And I fell into her waiting arms

**I feel I have entered Heaven and come back. Others may debate. But what I
know is I fear not dying but this spinning world of troubles the next time
it would not be my decision. Next physical the Doctor said, "When did
you have your stroke? We have no record."

"How did you know?"
There was obvious damage. Enough that I should not have survived.
I was healing but the damage he saw at one time I should have been
on life support. Angels brought me home. Family made the decision
for me to come back. The things I write about today I would have missed'
Yet I often wonder is there a second chance and would I make the same decision

I played the game the next day. Scored more than thirty points. I know
I am living after death but not why I was saved. I started writing poetry
It seems to be my purpose to try and help others. To know that there is
life After Death and your loved ones are waiting your arrival. Heaven
is the gate into Eternity. For now i live life to the fullest. I know it won't
always be that way but when a loved one passes i am comforted with
the knowledge I have passed through and back the white light.


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