many sides to Rosey

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At the first sight,

With all your tattoos,

Your sly smile, your piercing eyes,

You managed to fool us


You acted like you understood,

Shared your stories, gave us gifts

A sweet friendship was being developed,

You managed to fool us


Out of the blue, you accused me of something ugly,

Threw it on me via text, and refused to discuss in person

Like a wise, civilized adult we were supposed to be

You managed to fool us


Gossip brewed at our workplace, and spread,

Especially the text messages you decided to share

Which did not reflect the whole situation

You managed to fool us


People started picking sides,

Especially those on yours, which was still small

Is this elementary school all over again, I wonder

You managed to fool us


Whatever the outcome of this may be,

What I do know is that 

You no longer are in my vocabulary, for

You may fool everyone else, but not me


Rosey 8/26/17