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Where will we go next?

We've used it, abused it, blown much of it up

We cut all the trees down and caused it to flood

We've burnt all the oil, the coal and the wood

Is it any surprise that the earth's warming up?


We've mined it for copper, for gold and for tin

We ate all the life in the sea that could swim

We killed all the wild life for tusks and for horn

We fracked it for gas and then there was none


Multinational packaging litters the streets

Truck loads of rubbish wash up on the beach

We polluted the oceans, launched garbage in space

Wherever we go we leave mountains of waste


And now as the seas warm up round the globe

We still fail to see what we've done to our home

We've smashed and we've grabbed, we've ruined and wrecked

When we've done with the earth – where will we go next?

© Joseph G Dawson

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Where will we go next?