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                                        Life is all around in the air and in the ground 
                                        The sun held its rays over misty haze and the 
                                         Land sweetly held open her hand, a picture 
                                         Perfect that God created a beauty so grand.
                                         The Eagle, and dove of the air, an unlikely
                                          Pair, but the cooing, and massive wings of
                                          Would fill the land of feathered pride...In
                                          Of peace they would softly glide..Over sea
                                          Coast, and open tide...
                                           Gulls take their place in the salty air, the dove
                                               and Eagle
                                            Understands, their preference was Land of
                                            Near the trees in the forest, their special
                                            Mother deer and baby Fawn stand in open
                                                field to witness dawn..

                                            Life giving unto life, just open your eyes, we
                                               cannot miss the chance to be a part of
                                            Beauty's prize....