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Contemporary poetry by Dan Donlan

Memorial to My Mother
Fern Erma Soash
Who with Sis is in Heaven
Sis died much later
Mom January 19, 1972
Sis January 17, 1976
But on the very day
of my Mother's birthday
Mom's death two days
After the day of her birthday
On one side Sis the other the littlest Angel
All were taken much too young
54 66 and five
And yet who am I too Judge
For the inner glow of Jesus is upon them

Billions upon Trillions of stars paint the skies
Mere brushes creating a portrait for the moon above
Shadowed by the beauty found in and Angels eyes
My never ending passion that of Eternal love

God saith: "Forget her as a love unbourne!"
For in your unmirrored heart lays a fool!
I have taken the Especial Star whom you must mourne
In Heaven taken to the skies in dazzling hues

From thy Earth in birth anew I take in glowing flame
And I leave so many others stars to take her space
Tyne eyes, Thye motion, to hear thy name
Forever is the void no others can replace

I was with Mom in her room the night she died. She talked
of Jesus and he had come for her. She asked that I not cry
she was going to a much better place and was with Jesus.
I did not cry at her funeral and showed little emotion. But
I shed tears as I write this. Sis and Mom died not the same
year but two days apart on Mom's birthday. I accept that Mom
and Sis as Angels sit on my shoulder as I write this Memorial
Mom's last days were not fighting for her but to find a cure
for Cancer. She told the medical staff to give her any
medicines that might help. Pain was something she understood
from her life. She died at 54 in the arms of Jesus

© dandy1 - all rights reserved.

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