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Contemporary poetry by Dan Donlan



It was explained as a stroke. Although I never had proof
of dying. I was in my early forties. Still playing basketball
in AAU leagues.It began as I rose to a orange-red tunnel. Entered
and there sat Mom and the littlest Angel. I could only feel Jesus
But aware he was with Mom. Next day wrote this poem. At the time
the littlest Angel was confusing. Had no idea of her importance.
After all only saw her once thirty years ago.

I saw the light Eternity
Felt the warmth
An orange-red glow
Voices of Angels:
"Come with us it's time to go!"
A white shining tunnel
And there were angels guarding
Pleading words:
"Come with us who care!"
And I followed my soul
Left my lifeless body below
Mom was sitting and I felt Jesus
The littlest Angel by her side
If not tempted would have lied
Apparitions floating near
Comforted I felt no fear
Below I could see my soulless body
Holding me my love young wife
Mortal indecision things not as clear
I heard my voice screaming, "But wait,
I an not ready to go!" And I fell below
and returned back through the white light
And then return was too late!

#Follow up to this poem is the Littlest Angel.
Sitting next to Mom with Jesus. I knew her
much earlier in life as Goldenlocks lost to
Leukemia as a five year old. Her promise to
wait for me in heaven.

© dandy1 - all rights reserved.

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