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Just Let It Be

La Vie en Rose

Heads in the Sand?

If I've Learned Anything!

Silver Bullet

The Path We Choose

A Soldier's Integrity

What is that Sound?

Back in the 50's Tonight!

A Red Rose

Golden as Gold can Be!

Robin Fly Away

You See!

The Demise of the Old Cowboy

What Will I Miss?

Ode to Christian "Kiki" Fenot

Bobby and Me

The Highwayman

*Let My Spirit Soar*

C'est La Vie

Les feuilles mortes

Before Destiny takes me!

The Hanging Tree

Lost in Time

The Golden Years?

Beyond The Shadows

A Soilder

Ode to an Old Cowboy Poet named....Jack

Our Flag!

Come on Down!

For The Principles of the Red White and Blue

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We Need More Poets in this World!

The world needs more poets and
fewer criminals, lawyers, politicians,
and would be critics.

Poetry soothes the soul,
and steals no one’s gold.

Poetry is honest and cost
a lot less than attorney’s
fees at best.

Poetry doesn’t deny
or lie, and requires no
pledges or donations
to get by.

Poetry doesn’t instruct, criticize,
or tell you how or what you should be.

Poetry is music, word paintings,
and the inner-sanctum for our souls, you see.

Anyone can be a criminal, lawyer, politician,
or critic, but it takes a poet to write a
poem about the beauty of a tree.

Jackie R. Kays

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We Need More Poets in this World!




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