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Prayer to Buddha

On the gossamer wings of an
ancient wind, may this prayer
to Buddha fly.

To the snow covered Himalayas,
and the land of Shangri-La.

O’Great Buddha hear my plea,
and extract this evil beast
from me.  

In the darkness of the early morn
the beast comes again my way.
We wrestle through the night,
until first light of each and

Dear Buddha, I have no control
over that time, so long ago,
of the deaths of friend or foe.

Those ghostly faces so vivid in my sight,
with which the beast haunts my reverie
with each nightmarish flight.

Release me O’great Buddha of this
beast of burden, so I may pass the
dark of  just one night without this
beastly sight.  

May the sun rise again tomorrow over
that great snow covered mountain crest,
and may peace be mine now and through
eternal rest.

Jackie R. Kays

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Prayer to Buddha




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