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The Butcher of Baghdad

Born from a she wolf, the queen of
evil in a small Iraqi poverty stricken
village, a boy, who would soon
learn to lie, steal, murder and rape.
People accused him of being part
man and part ape.

Years passed, and with the help of
the devil, he became  the Dictator of
Iraq. Master of deceit, torture, intolerance,
hatred  and  war.

He ruled for thirty years with an iron hand,
and hundreds of thousands died in that hot
desert sand.

Then one day when the world could no longer
abide his murdering ways. The American Eagle
swept across his boarder and stop his killing days.

Then one day while running and hiding like a rat,
he was cornered in his hole and like all rats, he
cowardly gave up without a fight and that was that!

He will get a fair trial and then be executed in
Baghdad square for all the crimes he committed
from there!

No Palaces, no martyrs, no virgins, no Allah’s blessings,
just hell’s fiery date  for the Baghdad butcher and
his gargoyle mates.

Jackie R. Kays


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The Butcher of Baghdad




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