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Oh! Yeasterday

Oh! Yeasterday


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Do You Remember?


When is it all going to end?

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What's the Truth?

Have we become that, which we despise.
Deceivers, underachievers, men of lies.  
Sing not to us the quest for truth,
forever only lies have we been told.

Living in a  world of lies, where reality
exist not! Constant deceit, black is white,
white is black, rainbows are blood red and
the truth is surly dead.

Everyone wears a halo, yet the angels
have no wings and only the devil's
music sings.

From this man-made hell, some people
still claim they can hear that angelic

Starvation, poverty, murder, mayhem,
intolerance, wars and more lies. I ask,
wherein does the salvation lie?
Some say, the only truth is in the value of a dollar.
Others say, lies are cheap, a dime a dozen.
But in these days of ceaseless lies from politicians,
news media, and the intellects that rule, only
time will tell the bona fide value of the truth!

Jackie R. kays

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What's the Truth?




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