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Along For The Ride

IĎve thought about this for days now,
and there are no answers I find.
I feel like I'm going in circles
going half out of my mind.

The images never stop coming,
and the thoughts never go away.
I often find it amazing,
all of this is just in a day.

My dreams have become reality,
and my hopes have all come true.
I know God settles everything,
I know because He sent you.

Now the stressful moments are out there,
and the lonely times are too.
But I know never to doubt things,
I will always come to you.

I know you are always beside me,
every step of the way.
And I know I look for your love,
at the start and the end of each day.

You say you will never leave me,
and in my heart I know this is true.
I don't believe I could ever live life,
not a day that is without you.

So if you feel the stress I am feeling,
or you wonder which way you should go.
Just look at the ring on your finger,
and in your heart you will know.

That I am here for the long haul,
I'll never be far from your side.
My hand is in your's for a life time,
and my heart is along for the ride.  

© Copyright 2005 Sherri Lynn Whittaker 8/21/05

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Along For The Ride




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