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There is a lizard named Lenny
who lives outside on our deck
When we go outside the door
sometimes he will jump on our neck

Now Lenny is cute for a lizard
he may seem playful too
But when we walk out he runs and hides
and all I see is his blue.

Now I'm not afraid of the lizard
Ďcause I know he won't bite me
My room mate, she runs like a chicken
to get away so she can't see

See Lenny's not big for a lizard
or even mean, I don't think
But the thought of a lizard on her
just about makes her turn pink
So don't be afraid of a lizard
Ďcause he's more afraid of you
When he sees you coming
that's when his tail turns blue.

© Copyright 2005 Sherri Lynn Whittaker October 1, 2005

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