The Unfairness Of Angels
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I watch the news and I read the newspapers
And my heart sank when those planes crashed into those skyscrapers
But please don't preach to me
That we go to war to support Democracy

Freedom of speech is governed by the church
And for centuries man has searched
For an answer to their destiny
But let us not pretend this is democracy

I hear your debates I listen to what you say
But the planet is not ruled by the USA
Europe is not your state across the sea
We are not one because of democracy

I see Bush the Christian militia and his pet Blair
Saying that what they do is ‘just' and ‘fair'
But the world you live in, is pure fantasy
Governed by what? This religion called democracy

War on Terror, and weapons of mass destruction
But don't include me in your world domination
It is colonialism of the 21st Century
Flying the flag of democracy

The say that evolution is a natural progression
But I see us going back into recession
But I keep my mouth shut and pay my taxes and V.A.T
To support this land of the free


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