The Unfairness Of Angels
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 Iron Maiden Therapy

When life seems to get me down
I listen to ‘stranger in a strange town'
The heavy fast drums and Dickinson's vocals
Makes me think F@ck life's rules!
When at times I can't handle any more pain
I listen to ‘Hallowed be thy Name'
The sound of the bells ringing in that song
Make me think, I am never in the wrong
And that in the end I will be fine
When I feel like this, I listen to ‘Somewhere In Time'
Especially that track ‘Wasted Years'
When I listen to the intro, it dries my tears
I love Iron Maiden, always have done, since I was young
My favourite album has to be ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son'
Sometimes when I am in my room and contemplate
I usually listen to ‘Alexander the Great'
I have to say their new album is like a new breath
It's called ‘A Matter of Life and Death'
Sometimes when things are so bad and I wish, I never was born
I take out my old 12 inches and listen to ‘Woman in Uniform'
Last summer I saw them play live at Reading festival
They played all their old stuff it was really cool
When I am lost in the heavy metal sound
I feel all my worries fall from my shoulders and hit the ground
I look around my room now and see all their CD's
And I look at my ‘Fear of the Dark' Album with Eddy in the trees
So many songs, so many albums, with the same old chords
But I always feel better when I listen to my Iron Maiden records.


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