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 Evanui ( Elven Fair )

The Vanquishing

Copyrighted  Began 5/07 finished 10/23/07   DMH

There is a wasteland
All in shades of grey
Flecks of silver just at the edge of sight
There is an unnatural quiet here
Because nothing grows in this place
The air is stale
Ruins of once beautiful things crumble
As you watch
Helpless to stop
The watching, or the silent destruction
As each bit of paint chipping
With every stone that falls
There should be sound
But all is grey silence

Then suddenly!
A wall you were unaware of
Shatters into splinters
An Amazon stands in its place
bloodied from battle
Still in fighting stance
                breasts heaving
Sweat shining on her face and arms
Sword in hand

Oh! The moonlight!
Cascading life down on you
    like rain in a tree a breath from death
Succor for your very soul!
It floods over you, you're blinded,
By the sheer beauty of it and by Her.

She holds out her hand
And as if you weighed no more than a feather
You rise and stand beside Her
She removes a pair of short swords
From one of the  fallen warriors
Wipes the blades with soft grasses
She places them in your hands

Memories tingle in your fingertips
Prickling up your arm
You knew these weapons once
How could have you forgotten?
The grayness is fading fast

‘You gave up,' She says simply
Eyes a mixture of
Affection, amusement and just a  tinge of betrayal

You become conscious that as you've been standing entranced
With pulsing life, memories, and awakening
Her deft hands have been busy
Your armor is almost back on

You look deeply into her eyes
You find the knowing
The Bonding

The fuzzy grayness is gone

You gently place your hands over her busy ones
taking your leather greaves
       from her battle hardened hands
                                  tender now with you
Put the worn leather up to your nose
Breathing in the reasons

Moonlight, battlefields, unwanted memories
You know now
And it's alright

Softly, scratchy, from a throat long unused
You speak, “I got it.”

Her eyes close for a long moment
A single tear betrayed by the sly silver Moon
Slides own her beloved face
It's mate tumbles down your own

No words need be spoken
They'll come later
You turn as one
For the night wanes
And the road is long….

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