The Unfairness Of Angels 
  matthew Bartram

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 Leather Boots

The DJ plays Freddie Mercurys "Great Pretender"
But sweetheart I think you're a great contender
‘Sex appeal' were you the inventor?
GOD! I'd love to shag yer!

The clubs lights shine upon your hair
And  all I can do is stare and stare
The platinum blond locks have black roots
Matching your leather boots

Barman, give me another barcardi
Make that a triple actually
My God, she's a real beauty
I'm going to ask her to dance with me

I see she has nothing underneath
She's simply beyond believe
The DJ plays "place your hands on' by Reef
But she places her hands on my beef

Woo, wait, what's going on?
I can't dance at best, let alone this song
I look at her cleavage as her tops slightly open
I don't even know her name? As we haven't even spoken

I put my hands on her butt. They're like two ripe fruits
And her tits are a fine pair of attributes
I can't believe I am with the woman in leather boots
But then again; I was always a sucker for prostitutes!

2008: Taken from my new collection of poems 'The Brightraven Chronicles'

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