The Unfairness Of Angels
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 Blue and Green
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Imagine if you will, a castle on a hill
over looking rivers, meadows and towers
A world very similar to ours
Within this castle are many kings
Talking about important things
An uneasy concern mark their faces
As they clutch their swords, shields and maces
At the head of this table
Is a king without a label

He announces to the other kings
that when day breaks, the birds don't sing
Their troubled faces only stare
They are worried that their fields are bare
The king without the label carries on
"My kings!" he says, "Our God is gone!"

The religion of this land
Is something which we may find hard to understand
They worshiped a God called blue
And across the land, Blue was true
The word of Blue was written in a book
So everybody could have a look

The meeting of the kings was about the demise of Blue
without religion what could they do?
The greatest king without a label
Demanded calm around the table
"Blue!" he said, "Is officially dead!"
The kings agreed with nodding heads
Without blue what would people say?
Maybe turn from blue to grey?

The new religion, they decided will be called green
And they agreed it would be the best religion ever seen
But what would they tell the people in the towns
The kings looked sullen with knowing frowns
They agreed to tell them that Blue was to Blame
And that Green will not be the same
Spread the word that blue brought evil to the land
And soon everyone will understand

Years went by and Green did spread
People turned their backs on Blue and worshiped Green instead
Soon Green became so overrated
That people believed that everything was green related
And that's how Green was created.

Between the years, 1994-1997 i was at uni, studying History and Theology. It is also between these years that i wrote most of my poems (many are on this site) I have always believed that Religion was created by man, for man..and this is what this poem is all about.

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