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Where's Yesterday?

Bicycles, baseball,
Fishing poles and
swimming holes.

Paper dolls, jumping rope,
giant curlers, pom-pons
and poodle skirts.

The days of wine and roses,
of quick step dance, teenage
glee and sweet song…
now forever gone.

We thought those days
would never end.
If only we could
capture time in
a bottle.

Time is no man’s friend,
it will rob from him …
time and time again.

We thought tomorrow would
never come, but come it has
and  now it’s forever gone.

What is left?…
Tears of  joy, tears of  memory
and the bitter tears of regret.

The aging face in the mirror knows…
the wine so sweet…all gone and the roses
have long wilted in time forlorn.

Life as we then knew it…
is now but a fading dream.

Jackie R. Kays

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Where's Yesterday?




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