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 Until The Ocean Goes Away

Hanging around in Galveston town where the wind comes in off the ocean front
Sea walls reach with broad strong arms to greet the waves from across the sea
Every day of the year I tell the undulating swells what it is that I most want
My eyes on the horizon searching for sails that bring my baby back home to me...

Wintertime or summertime
It doesn't matter the time of year
Doesn't matter the dampened clime
You will always find me here....

The sea speaks softly with murmuring voice, its whisper carried on the wind
I dare not think I have a choice but to listen to everything the waters say
'Tho the ocean be vast and currents fast, covering the world from end to end
It sends to me my lover's voice from the coast of Barcelona to Mandalay....

She speaks to me on the winds of the sea
Telling me when she is coming home
What a wonderful glorious day it will be
When she returns, nevermore to roam....

My friends try to tell me her ship went down, falling far to the ocean floor
Do they think I have not been around to hear her whispering on the winds
My friends speak to me so sorrowfully, acting as if our love will be no more
Do they think me a fool not to believe all the messages the ocean sends....

Don't tell me she will not return
I hear her speaking in the ocean spray
Don't tell my heart to no longer yearn
I'll be here until the ocean goes away.....

Jan 23 2009

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