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God's Loving Grace

in memory of those who's mansion's were ready....

I met St Peter at the gates of Heaven
he welcomed me with arms opened wide
St Peter walked me through the gates of the city
and said, ďSoon, you'll be by His sideĒ

I sat down next to my grandma
she ran her fingers through my hair
And told me we have forever
and all of Heaven to share

I looked over in a field and saw Joey
playing with the animals of Noah's days
It reminded me of years gone by
and all of Joey's gentle ways

There was daddy talking with the angels
he fit right in at the top
Maybe he was giving suggestions
that part of him will never stop

From a building there cam quite a commotion
it was Larry playing the guitar to sing
He knelt as he played, ďHow Great Thou ArtĒ
to Jesus, the Son of the King

Momma Dee and Denzil were there listening
with smiles upon their face
And I knew they were oh so happy
for they'd be forever in God's loving grace

© 2009 Sherri Lynn Whittaker

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God`s Loving Grace




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