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Welcome to my pages, it is a blessing for me to be able to share with you the Prophetic and Inspirational poetry written over a number of years.We are in some very troubling times and a very exciting time, Gods Kingdom has come on earth as it is in heaven, His kingdom lies within those who surrender their life to him! His sons are rising up in this hour, you will know they are His!!!

There is a fresh breath of wind..a gathering
Father God is bringing groups of people together in unexpected ways.
These people have a mixture of unique gifts fashioned by Fathers own hands, they have been chosen because their gifts compliment each other.
They are true brothers and sisters filled with His love and compassion, they truly know His heart.
They will be a powerful force which will go ahead touching this one touching that, a word here a word there but their names will be hardly known but the name that will come from the lips of those whom they have touched will be Jesus!
These ones do not desire to be known, their desire is that the peoples of the earth know about Jesus and follow only Him not them!
These precious ones are filled with Gods love, filled with His fire, these ones are humble they have gone through much, they know what it is to loose much, even those whom they have loved, but their love for God is far greater than anything that they could lose!
They have been through many tests and through many trials, but they are ones who never give up, they stand firm in the truth!
Watch now and see what God is going to do through them and with them!



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