256,307 poems read

Let others come to you and figure you out or not. My poetry is  personal,  gritty to the bone. If it bothers you, maybe you have learned something from me. Or perhaps something about yourself. Keep an open mind and heart always when you can. Recently, a talented and promising poet from England Matt told me he was closing down his site here. That gave me cause for pause. Lets all be a bit more welcoming and supportive here. After all, its the differences in every one that make life interesting and worth while. Matt I hope you come back. Art and writing are essential to me, essential as breathing. I don't need to be paid to write or create...though it would be grand to be read and perused on a large scale and get more than a feedback in return...ha ha. Honestly, it would enable me to be more generous with my significant other, my friends/family, myself. It would also enable me to visit the art supply stores and thrift stores more often and that would simply in a word or two, BE GRAND.

I used to go to lots of Open Mics. Show And Tell Gallery at Three Friends was one I/we both enjoyed. However it no longer exists. If you want to
hear what I sound like, you can google that. I think there are forty some entries/recordings with the both of us on them. It is under Melissa A Howells
also Melissa Howells. I encourage those who want to improve their writing and make friends in the community to attend these type of events. Poetry
meet-ups, slams, and workshops can be great places to meet other like-minded writers.