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Like A Snow-globe

these times they have changed us

visions of sugarplums by the river bank

Mrs. Stine, Isn't It Time?

Come On Now

So Much Beauty

And Even Stars Die

Certain Succulent Pieces Of Time


I Speak for Those Whose Voice Would Be Taken Out Of Social Circulation

I Talk To A Machine In My Darkness

What Is This Death? ( As I Grow Older And Nearer To It)

Home, Ghuey, Sweet Home

un-Completion (I Prefer It)

Hope You Like It, Not

A Tesseract OrTwo

Woman Of A Certain Age


Here They Are Triumphant, The Crows

Lost Before You Began

And You May Be The Reaper

Confetti Universe


What If

I Wish You Well (a prayer)

Covering Up Vs Uncovering

What'll I Do, Without You

So You Do

For the Years of Dancing (Dance Hall Days Gone)

whern night becomes day

Not For The Bloom of Tears Cultivated These Last 100 Years

If This Is Any Art For Which You Care

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Poetry is a conversation

With yourself and sometimes

with the world.

Poetry is my way of trying to

make sense of what is

at times, none-sensical or

just plain nonsense.

Poetry is my letter to myself

and what I have to think is important

to me. If you want to learn about

yourself, then write a poem.

All work here is legally copyrighted

including my poetry, site title and the

art work.

Thank you for reading.

Warm Regards,
Melissa A. Howells
The Writer and Poet