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I Talk To A Machine In My Darkness


Home, Ghuey, Sweet Home


Woman Of A Certain Age

Lost Before You Began

Confetti Universe


What If

I Wish You Well (a prayer)

Covering Up Vs Uncovering

What'll I Do, Without You

So You Do

For the Years of Dancing (Dance Hall Days Gone)

whern night becomes day

Not For The Bloom of Tears Cultivated These Last 100 Years

If This Is Any Art For Which You Care

A Man Called Tsuris

Now I Am The One Who Chooses To Chose

why not ask the cat?

my words and how they're worth a lot to me

Not A Good-bye Day

Make (of) Me A Snow Angel

Heir Egoisto...

The Life of Tigger

Lucky Was Easy

This Home I Long For Yet Have Never Seen

I Feel Fine(r)

Where Did Mrs Smith and Her Little Pink House Go?..

God Created The Universe, Then Look Who Happened

Outside the Window, Frozen

The Tail (tale) She Had Long and Tall and High And Proud

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I have erased all of the fanciful

blather that was here before.

If you have questions about

my creative "process" all  you

need do is ask. I dont believe in

 convention or a conventional

way of doing things. Rules simply

aren't my bag. Spent too many years

before trying to hop to them all and remember

them.  As you age, you live to please and

write for yourself. That in itself is a gift.

It all comes down to moves on.

Life and all its experiences are invaluable.

Write about them. This is as good of a place

as any to do it.  Poetry poems is a good place to

connect with creative people. Remember you will

get as good as you be generous with

your time and feedback and you will make invaluable

connections here.  Thank you for visiting.