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Name: kriver
Country: USA
Homepage: kriver

Message: Hi Elise, I was working on adding the story I deleted all but one. Thank you for the review. I have been trying all day to move one word to the line above and nothing I have tried works. The line above has plenty of room but I can't get it to move there in the edit program. I wrote/edited the story and other poems in word pad 1st. Then transferred them here. However in the process the words move all around and I must spend hours straightening the mess out what am I doing wrong. I liked your poem Wise Move.It has an excellent presentation and a good flow to it. How are thing going across the pond? As you probably heard it has been pretty wild here.The crazy idiots are going nuts and killing people. Nobody has a clue as to why these people are doing this either. The whole world has gone round the bend. I posted a bunch more poetry. I didn't know there was separate site just for stories. I didn't know how to write you other than here in your guest book. Best regards, K River

Date Received: 2017-10-07 23:49:37