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Poet: roberthaigh


Welcome to my Poetry Site!

Please come on in,
pull up a chair and enjoy your read.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not want my poems to be
entered in the Free Poetry Contest. Please
DO NOT vote for any of my poems.
Thank you ~ Robert

In addition to writing poetry I also write songs.

MY MUSIC: I post music videos on You Tube

The links to some of my videos are
given below ~ Robert

1.   http://youtu.be/TOQsLWMl37g
2.   http://youtu.be/fU6cYLG2LgM
3.   http://youtu.be/Zf-gIEyHhJs
4.   http://youtu.be/jQSLInqXpDg
5.   http://youtu.be:/_UuJ6Yx3G4Q
6.   http://youtu.be/3DbxqY0FAu8 
7.   http://youtu.be/b2Xm4jflf9Y

1. Be Honest With Yourself
2. Thinking of You
3. When Fate Rolled the Dice
4.  Girl For All Seasons
5. Left-Handed Man in a Right-Handed World
6. I'll Always Need You
7. One For the Road



1.   http://youtu.be/UKxcTDQOXrg
2.   http://youtu.be/L9vHKnXD9Mw 
3.   http://youtu.be/JSfTUJv3HrI 
4.   http://youtu.be/iozpCP-MdV8 
5.   http://youtu.be/Xb2lxQe53tw 
6.   http://youtu.be/5OUiiodP7S4   

1. Pale Blue (Byrds cover)
2. San Francisco Mabel Joy (Mickey Newbury cover)
3. If You Could Read My Mind (Gordon Lightfoot cover)
4. John Riley (Traditional)
5. Pocahontas (Neil Young cover)
6. Bob (Drive-By Truckers cover)

Photo by Susan Anne Haigh
This is how I used to look, many years ago!


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