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Twas a Night AfterChristmas at our House

"Twas" a night after Christmas here at our house,
Everyone was stuffed full of turkey – the mouse
Had put on from food scraps, darn nearly five pounds
And looked like a rat to the cat on his rounds.

My home brew had taken a big Xmas hit,
More relatives and friends than I'd ever met.
Each one I'm darn sure brought their buddies along
To gulp down my homeys and sing Christmas songs.

Old Santa, the bugger, was here and he's gone –
Never left me the skidoo, I'd wanted so long.
Only left me a tie with his picture on it,
A new pair of red socks and that's about it!
That pair of blue gloves that I'd brought for d' wife,
She re-wrapped and gave her best friend of her life.
And those red winter snow boots with pink pull up zips
Only brought profanities from her Christmas lips.

The kids had grown tired of the things that they got –
They'd given once-overs and promptly forgot.
The wife grabbed the flipper - the soaps had come on
As I lazed in my armchair with nine homeys gone.

Now, "Tom" looked bewildered to see mousy drunk
From nipping spilled homeys behind grandma’s trunk
Especially when up on his hind paws he stood
And shouted, "Have a homey, eh mousey" - "You prude!"

Well, the cat, on all fours, lay down on the floor,
Laughed herself silly at the mouse by the door.
Then to top it all off they started to sing
In meowings and squeakings and howlings and things.

Wow!! What a weird Christmas song they churned up
To the point where I thought the wife they'd disrupt.
Then all of a sudden I awoke with a thump - - -
Having slid from my armchair to the floor on my rump!!

W.C.Hull © 2002, 2006, 2013-26-12-693 (D)