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There has been an outbreak of peace across the world But TV and media are not reporting it..................................

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Jamieson Lee Dagdeviren Hill is an English poet also known as the Bard of Malvern. Appointed in a Celtic style laurel crowning ceremony in 1993 at the Priory park by the local Malvern Fringe and after which performed a Bardic address on May Day at the annual Malvern festival for 20 years from 1993 to 2013. Recognised as Bard of Malvern by the Order of Wandering Peace Poets, Druids and Bards (OPPDB) which is affiliated to the UK Council of Druids. In 2014 the May Day festivals in Malvern ground to a halt after a 20 year period, but Jamieson continued to write poetry as well as working as a freelance educational writer.  Jamieson was also a lead singer for two rock bands in Malvern - Black Hill and Subterranean Fire in 2013/2014 and in 1991 was lead singer for an indie rock band called 'Captain Birdseye and the Alien Love Experience' or 'Birdseye and Ale' for short. In 2017 he featured on a track called Salutation by Drumdog with his poem by the same name vocally sampled. This track  donates 100% of its profits to the refugee charity People in Motion. Another track which features Jamieson's lyrics from the poem 'Insomniac' is due to be released on an album of hip hop rap track by Dan Bierton and friends (EMI published music producer). Both Jamieson and Drumdog featured on BBC Radio's Introducing with Andrew Marston in March 2017. No stranger to radio, Jamieson, had done 4 radio interviews with BBC radio in 2016 about how it felt living in Istanbul during turbulent times.  For many years Jamieson was a compere for rock and pop festivals in Worcestershire and Birmingham and performed under the name of Bananaman as well as being a well known figure in the Malvern music and poetry community. Malvern Fringe Arts got him involved in May Day for 20 years and a local philanthropist and Mappfest organiser, Andy Mapp, asked him to compere Mappest for the years 2012 to 2014. More recently Jamieson compered Boatfest at the Boat Inn in Gloucestershire in Summer 2016.  Influences upon his writing have included The Cure and their lyrics, the poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley and the Japanese form Haiku and English poets such as Blake, Wordsworth and T.S.Eliot, in particular 'The Wasteland'. Furthermore, Jamieson has read widely in terms of esoteric texts including Taoism, Zen, Shamanism, Nordic and Celtic Paganism as well as existential philosophy such as Jean Paul Sartre. For a time Jamieson wrote several poems for David Shillinglaw, the London Artist and the two creatively inspired each other. David travelled to Lazio about 15 years ago to find the locations of the poem 'The Dream of the Celestials', originally called 'The Seven Celestials of the Fallen Cities'. Having studied Shamanism with the late author Kenneth Meadows in 1993 in Cuffley, Hertfordshire, Jamieson also studied in ashrams in India under the guidance of elderly yogis and was initiated as a 'fire pujari' or Master of ceremonies for sacred fires. Combining this with shamanism and the Druid Celtic way, Jamieson performed fire ceremonies all over the UK and Italy for over 20 years with groups and individuals while now it tends to be an individual practice. Certainly his esoteric studies and training have had a profound influence on his poetry where the themes of spirituality are explored and values of equality and diversity. However, his roots were in the Church of England having been a choir boy and church bell ringer as a young man and attending Sunday school and whilst he retained his Christian roots, his journey led him to look far and wide and 'seek the wise and learn'. His principal and late gurus in India were the poet Visnu Datta Misra and the highly respected yogi, Sri Trilok Singh.   In the nineties, Jamieson also did some poetry readings with the last of the American Beat poets, McBride, who worked at City Lights and knew Jack Kerouac and the Beat poets. McBride sadly passed away some years ago but his words inspired Jamieson. In the early years Jamieson was local support for notable poets such as Johnny Cooper Clarke and Henry Normal in Malvern. However, Jamieson rarely does performance poetry now and prefers to write or create videos or lyrics and vocals for songs.  In his professional life Jamieson runs a small UK company which specialises in Curriculum Design for ESL, Enterprise, Education and Training and Vocational courses, as well as being a teacher, qualified manager and editor/proofreader. Recent projects included writing a 20 chapter online book for teaching assistants in the UK and being editor for the teenage fantasy novel 'Discovery - Book One of the Adventures of Tom Sharpe' by the English fantasy author Peter Drinkwater in 2016.   

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