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Hello, you are very welcome. News? Now let me see. I write here solely for enjoyment. A way of touching on life without (at times) touching on life, passing on experience, putting into words how others may at the very moment of publication be feeling. There's no real money in poetry never was, probably never will be, but there is satisfaction and lots of it. Poetry for me is pure enjoyment and if history is to be believed a gateway to other realms such as singing, songwriting and music. You will find a collection of some 300 or more poems at www.poetrypoem.com/diggerd Thank you for your company – come back soon. Joe    

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   Hello and welcome, I write simply for the joy of writing which is a handy thing because ideas spring to mind day and night and having the privilege of this place I feel blessed in the extreme. Publication I already have elsewhere but I must say that of late I find publication here as good as anywhere and my friends and readers agree – so the bottom line until further notice: Find me on here at www.poetrypoem.com/diggerd Thank you for visiting. Come back soon. Joe  

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