Daily Contest Rules

  1. Members can vote once each hour.
  2. As of Jun 16, 2013, poets can not vote for themselves even though the system lets you.
  3. The winning poem is displayed on www.poetrypoem.com's homepage. This is the only prize.
  4. All poems added to the site are eligible.   Poems deleted from the site may be deleted from the contest and from the contest history.
  5. Poets that change a poem title or poem also change the poem that was voted on in the contest.
  6. Sometime nearly every day voting restarts and the previous day's votes are erased.
  7. The contest is free to members.  Poets don’t pay to enter.

The contest is completely free.


We once asked for $1 a vote to stop abuse by self-appointed judges that were clever enough to circumvent the free contest system, but members did not want to pay $1 to vote.   We provide the following history of the contest's evolution in hopes all will realize the huge amount of work done to keep the contest free.  We hated adding the $1 fee because we knew most readers would not vote, but we really had no choice. At great cost, the crew continuously added measures to prevent the self-appointed judges from abusing the free contest, but the determination of the self-appointed judges was great.

On October 16, 2006, We imposed a $1 fee per vote (It took us 30 minutes to activate and test) – From our perspective, the rule of PoetryPoem’s self appointed judges of the Poetry Contest ended, but members and readers did not use the contest.

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