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PoetryPoem is the Internet's largest free poetry site, and we are an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We provide free sites to poets worldwide. As of January 1, 2012 PoetryPoem had 101,000 poets that published over 800,000 poems.

You can contact us by email at support@poetrypoem.com. Please know it will take one of our volunteers a few days or even weeks to contact you. Authors using PoetryPoem must not post other people's work without the copyright holder's permission. Authors must obey the Copyright Law of the United States of America to use this site.

How You Can Help

You can help by using the optional ad-free, textad, and backup features. If you want to advertise on the site with banner ads, please email your banner to support@poetrypoem.com

Sponsors can mail PoetryPoem at:

PoetryPoem - Attn: Monique
PO Box 81211
Austin, TX 78708


Monique is a non managing contributor that provides oversight of PoetryPoem.

The Crew:

Tony is the lead technical engineer that developed the site and maintains the servers.

Jack was the initial designer of PoetryPoem's interface and provides seasoned advice to Monique and the rest of the Crew.

John provides technical help.

Please see Monique's site for other Crew Members


PoetryPoem.com and the forum are not moderated. Members are blessed to have several unpaid members listed as "moderators" that run part of the forums at PoetryPoems. Please keep in mind that even though the site identifies them as moderators, they are not "moderators" in the strict sense of the word so please don't hold them accountable for users' posts. They help as they can, so feel free to ask questions, but there is not guarantee they will ever see your post.


PoetryPoem is able to provide free sites to so many poets because of PoetryPoem's sponsors. Sponsors include Ad-Free Poets and poets that use the "Text-Ad" service. Backup sales, animated ads, and google ads also provide some support. If you are interested in providing the funds to establish PoetryPoem as a non-profit organization with a Board of Directors and paid staff, please contact Monique and Tony at support@poetrypoem.com.


Our servers are located in the USA. Our volunteers are located throughout the world.


We don't publish books -- just websites for poets.

PoetryPoem.com is run by volunteers.

We are an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

PoetryPoem.com is an ISP subject to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the Communications Decency Act (CDA). The views expressed on this site are solely those of the authors. PoetryPoem and its affiliated sites do not take positions on specific issues, posts or comments. PoetryPoem encourages its members to express their views and make their voices heard in order to further a rigorous discussion of poetry and related issues. Authors retain all copyrights. Please do not post other people's work without their permission. You must obey the Copyright Law of the United States of America to use this site. Please contact Agents for notification of claims of infringement pursuant to Section 512(c) of the Copyright Act at Support@PoetryPoem.com or at PoetryPoem - Attn: Copyrights; PO Box 4103; Martinsburg, WV 25402.