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Homepage Ad Terms

All ad rates are for 7 days beginning between 7AM and noon CST on Wednesday and ending between 7AM and noon the following Wednesday.  

These ad size/placements are currently available on the homepage of www.poetrypoem.com:

- Exclusive 728x90 Ad-Space - $320.00 weekly
- Exclusive 180x150 Ad-Space - $150.00 Weekly
- Exclusive Top-Left 120x160 Ad-Space - $100.00 Weekly
- Exclusive Center-Left 120x160 Ad-Space - $75.00 Weekly
- Exclusive Bottom-Left 120x160 Ad-Space - $50.00 Weekly
- Exclusive 160x90 Ad-Space - $225.00 Weekly

 Please follow these steps to advertise on PoetryPoem.com's homepage (www.poetrypoem.com).

  1. Agree to and follow the site's terms of service.  Click here to read the standard terms of service.
  2. Send your ad (10K size limit), click URL, and ad size/placement information to poetryvine@yahoo.com.
  3. Pay for your ad upon receipt of an approval email from poetrypoem.com. 

Refund Policy.  All sales are final.  However, in the event our server(s) fail and we are unable to serve your ad(s) - we will provide the following refunds and/or credits.  In the event of server outages, we will run your ad(s) on all pages of poetrypoem.com to include most member sites to compensate for the lost impressions.  PoetryPoem.com will determination what constitutes a server outage.  If you are unable to access PoetryPoem.com while your ad is running, please use http://www.megaproxy.com to confirm the server is not delivering ads.  See the following table for the number of "Run of Site" impressions we will use to compensate advertisers for lost impression caused by server outages.  Please note:  Regional, local, and/or sub-network outages do not constitute server failure unless our servers are unable to deliver ads to the majority (51%) of  normal Internet locations. 

Hours of continuous downtime Run of Site Impressions Compensation
3 5,000 Impressions for each
continuous 3 hour period
48 Hours 50% Refund of weekly rate
72 Hours or more 100% Refund of weekly rate


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