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WELCOME to Mykalangelo's theRealOneSolutions Site.

You are entering a zone where you can drop your mental
defenses for a few minutes. Stop worrying about the bills
to be paid, work to be done, people in your life you feel
you need to be different around than the way you truly feel
inside or want to be. Here you are whoever you are or say
you are and we don't care or judge so relax and read my
poems. And make sure you read my news page. It's usually
the best thing you'll read all day!
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One important thing: If you don't have enough time to slow down and actually
think about what you are reading here, you are waisting your time.
Come back when you have a little time to read the same thing more than once,
time to really consider what you are looking at and absorb it. I say this constructively.
Please understand, the world around us today is conditioning people to rush
through life and hurry at a stressed pace, even when we are doing something
that is supposed to be RELAXING. So this is like that, you gotta take your time,
or you'll totally not get it.

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to see the format and guide for this site.
My site is a combination of fifth grade potty jokes, serious
contemplation, philosophy, religio-psychological theories and
more. Are you in a big hurry? Are you scanning through? Do you
only have three minutes until the download you've been waiting
on forever at your home page will finally be finished, or are
you a speed poetry reader? Then don't wait here, go read a poem
real fast and I understand, I do that too some times.
I found that this is not the place to march my spiritual views or you guys like my normal "whatever happens to inspire me" stuff. If anyone wants the material it is available, just email me at my poetrypoem yahoo address. Actually here it is better to try to make you think, maybe make somebody mad, maybe come out with something that I look at and go Man!!! Where did that come from? So I'll do my best and you guys give me feedback on how I'm doing even if I suck.

-More below, the bottom is deep.-

Warning: Please do not make the mistake of taking
every word and sentence literal and serious. Healthy
people are those that know how to laugh at themselves
and life's difficulties. Laughter heals. I never mean
to offend anyone and if I do, you might need to lighten
up! I think even God or whatever you call it has a sense
of humor, he made us? Scroll onward)

Don't mistake me for some one who thinks they know it
all because I come off wrong. The truth is I am self
critical usually and am studying to make my poetry actually
correct in literary design and style. Don't be fooled by
the egotists you see for behind the puffed up exterior
usually lies a frightened uncertain child, and the once
you know this you have the key to dealing with these people.
I know when I'm an ass.

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Click on "About Us" for more information about me and
my "inspiration". See, it's all pretty much
about me, but I will admit when I embarrass myself as you
will see happens regularly.
Thank You For Visiting! Now let me know what's good and not
because I'm here to learn, but be honest. I can take it. My
therapist will read the especially mean ones to me.


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Do you ever feel like you're not quite yourself? Do you
ever just wanna take off your clothes and go for a swim?
Do you ever think about doing this knowing you can't swim?

After-thought: Sometimes I'm about ready to dive in and
drown-or throw someone else in. . Mike Edwards
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he's a peaceful man. Talks about God.
And laughs about serious things. He looks plain weird to me.

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