An Unopened Book

D. Cody Herring

Welcome to I have been a member for 11 years, it is an excellent place to post poetry and get feedback on your poetry. I encourage all poets to use the feed back club, it is great to get feedback from fellow poets who will help you improve on your style and get encouragement. So, many of you may be wondering why I choose the name An Unopened Book® for my site. The meaning is a simple one, I have noticed throughout my years, that all a stranger is, is An Unopened Book®. You must  open the book and read the pages to learn about that person. The covers of the books come in all different states of wear.  Some are like new crisp and clean, while others are worn pages have been torn sometimes the binding has broken loose. But, inside you will find who that person really is. You find out their successes, their failures, their joy and heartache. When you finish the book you realise that although the cover was in good or bad condition it was what was written on the inside that really made the book important. This is why I chose to name not only my site but, my book An Unopened Book®. I hope you enjoy some of these poems that I have written they span  almost twenty years of writing. Some when I was only 13 years old, clear up to date. Although my earlier works were a bit amature, I felt the need to keep them to remember how far I have come. I have grown alot in my writing and have gone through many of my older poems and reedited them, still trying to keep them as true to what I was feeling at the time. I would like to give thanks to my greatest supporters my family and friends. Thank you for visiting and please feel free to tell me what  your opinion is on any particular poem.

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