jots of Thoughts to make sense of things and HEAL

Heathens Haven Hello lovers of writing and reading, Thank You for stopping by. These unedited words raw jots, my words, these words
helped me through trauma, hidden memories of my trauma, experiences in an unsavory world, finding humanity, and blessed
true love found me. In the beginning, I wrote as I released my demons, my heartache, my wonderment, my desires, my pain,
my new lifes journey and I hoped one day these jot's would allow a reflection of my soul to find a way to heal. Along my
writing path, I have received a Literary Award in 2022 from CNM Leonardo Literary Magazine. And in 2007 and 2008 I
received Editor's Choice award featured in and International Library of Poetry. Thank you Poetry Poem Community for
allowing this safe space for words, reflection, and hope.
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