The Forgotten Theatre

Shea Anthony

We are how we are due to a tragic, some what newly aquired addicition to darkness.
Another sad example of self medication brought upon us without second thought or rational consideration.
We actually feel more at home inside our own stubborn disregard for the light.
Finding our own comfort, our own private serenity in this dead sunless world we have chosen.
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Welcome to the Forgotten Theatre.

The Forgotten Theatre

-Shea Anthony-
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"Shea where do you get your ideas from?"
"I live in the dark, and peek only now and again into this world gone pale, cold, and claiming to be real.
maybe you wanna glimpse too?

Many loved him as a refined and clever, interesting man, and were
horrified and dissapointed when they came upon the
wolf in him.
And they had to because Harry wished, as every senitent being does,
to be loved as a whole and therefore it was just with those whose love he
most valued that he could least of all conceal and
deny the wolf"

"Everything belongs to the inspired and dedicated thief. All the artists of history, from cave painters to Picasso, all the poets and writers, the musicians and architects, offer thier wares, importuning him like street vendors. They supplicate him from the bored minds of school children, from the prisons of uncritical veneration, from the dead museums and dusty archives.
Words colors, light, sound, stone, wood, bronze belongs to the living artist,
They belong to anyone who can use them."
William S. Burroughs
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"Poets Live"

October 2004 Show


If you missed Poets Live in October and the many incredible poets who blessed the stage, then be sure to pick up your recorded copy of this awesome event. And even if you were able to attend, get your copy of this unforgettable show NOW! Also, to be kept in the loop with future events CLICK HERE!

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Thoughts on Riddles, December 3, 2004
Reviewer: J. Morris "Terrapollis" (Virginia) - See all my reviews

First off, I want to say that I usually don't read poetry so when a friend recommended this book, I was hesitant. However, when I started to read it, I was glad that I listened to this recommendation. This book was filled with numerous poems that stretch the imagination and challenge one's intellect. These poems were not the cookie cutter poems that I always think about when I think of poetry. Instead they were poetic riddles that the reader had to interpret. However, these riddles could be solved by the reader's experiences and interpretations. Overall, it was a very exquisite book that was well worth the time to read.

/zblueyezz Supernatural brain static Rating: Excellent
damn. Its writing like this that makes me unable to decide whether to work harder or just throw my hands up and quit. how do you find a way to use strong symbolism without slipping into nonsense
Hoping She will Understand Rating: Excellent
THE ANCIENT MORAL MODEL that I watch teeter-tooter upon the runway is old --beloved by our GRANDparents-- and yet still has some LIFE LEFT in her to give us the GIFT OF LIFT, but I sure wish she would strip off her pretensions... SIR DANCER ANEW 2/6/5

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