Dark and Joyful Thoughts

Karen Cagle
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This site is one in which originates through a revelation of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions, be it mine or the possibility of an others. Many of my poems tend to be written during times of emotional pain, worry, and heartache; hence, these are the times which truly give motivation for one to write. Through this form of self healing I can then reach onward to allow myself to focus and appreciate all the truly joyous blessings that life has granted me. It is at this point that I can then express my writing on a brighter spectrum.

This site is therefore dedicated to all whom I have known, who have made a change in my life, weather it was for the better or the worst. Thank you all for giving me the motivation
to write and making my life a more interesting one.

Poetry written by: Karen Patricia Veronica-Ann Cagle

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