Life Is Sacrifice.I LIKE IT

Lubaina Rahil


To the one and only man who hasgiven me the happiest moments of my life. He's my world, my inspiration and I'd be nothing without his love.

Dear Readers,

This site

"Life Is Love... Love Is Commitment... Commitment Needs Sacrifice."

is essentially the effect that people in general have had on me. Every day, we come across different type of people who trigger in us myriads of thoughts, emotions and reactions.Each person we pass on life's highway, is a collage of interesting tit-bits!

I want to thank here, silently in my mind, all those people, who over the years have contributed knowingly or unknowingly, positively or negatively, even a little towards my mental and physical growth. Many, over the years have confided in me and trusted me with their innermost thoughts.

Sometimes complete strangers have opened upto me - surprising and delighting me with their cores. I will never know what prompted them to do so, but I take it as God's blessing, that people stop by me and share, as I do now, with You. In retrospect, I can say, that so far life has definitely thrown some google's this side; but every ball fielded or played by me, has been close to my heart!

"Love is just like life, its not always easy and does not always bring happiness. but when we do not stop living why should we stop loving."

This is Lubaina

welcoming you all to read my poems that are straight from the heart... poems of love,romance,care,fantasies,emotions,expressions,dedication, commitment,friendship,desperation, brokenhearts,depression and inspirational.
These poems are composed by me after the experience that I have had with both good and bad people alike on this planet all through the years.... The ability to write poetry to me is a blessing. To be able to convey my feelings and emotions in poetic fashion and touch the heart of another is a dream come true.

I love to write for the love of my life and he has inspired me to write poems I am greatly thankful to him... HE IS MY INSPIRATION ,HOPE,DESPERATION, DEDICATION,STRENGTH AND TRUST THIS SITE IS ALL DEDICATED TO HIM!!!!!!!

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