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Welcome to

This site is dedicated to my family, friends,

and anyone that appreciates life's joys.

I hope these pages make you smile,

reminisce, and perhaps shed a tear.

A single mom saved by her three teens,
from a drug habit that controlled my life.
My poetry will walk you through different
phases of my life.Good times,recovery,addiction,love,
memories and visions.All writings with a message.

Enjoy what you have for one day you can wake up and
the world you created and built can be taken away in a blink
of an eye.

I thank my mother LIZZ CRAINE,father HERB CRAINE,grandmother
THERESA LUTZ,and my three beautiful children, CODY, ALYSSA, and
MALLEANA,for standing by me in my darkest hours and brightest days.
I dedicate this site and all my ability to write this poems for
all of you to read, to my family for without them I would have never made it through.
I also want to thank my in laws Regina Hallmark, and Bob Hallmark,for taking me into their home
NOT knowing anything about me they fed me and clothed me.They stood by me when I had know one
You guys are golden and I love you all dearly for all that you have done and still do every day.
Thank you.
Most of all I want to say thank you to the most important man in my life.
BOBBY HALLMARK he is my soul mate, my lover, my best friend. He is my rock
My foundation with out him I would not have made it through alot of
Things in my life. We have walked the path of dark and light together and always
come out on top. Without him I would have a empty space that know one could ever
Fill. He supports my dreams and stands by me always..I love you baby

Don't forget to bookmark this page and thank you for visiting!

Poet: nightowl73


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