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We pour out our heart and soul in to our writing, We want someone to relate to "what we feel" But once we publish it, "we are under the microscope". I find myself like many using, writing as outlet for my confusion with life. I am going to try to not be on the dark side of life & not write a lot of sad things. I don't think it is good to keep rolling over and over again "Dark Moods". I have lots of stuff to list about what is going on in the world, some seem sad. I want to keep to "Poems for Men". I am hoping to get a hundred or more for book to publish. I also will work on some fun stuff for y'all. I hope to touch your heart an make you smile. Your feed back, be it good or bad is cool. Like I sad once you put it out there, You better be ready for someone to not like it. Rob Lee

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