Phrase~painters And Poeteers

jpw Lee

A phrase-painter, poeteer
travailed mountains, hills ~ the vale.
Spinning description of generous intrigue;
reciting magnificent tale.

Jib and ink ~ weapons of trade;
scribbled initial condition
before blending most subtle hued stains 
into stinging, unabridged, rendition.
Nature, beauty, experience all
placed upon pallet's sigh;
advancing toward future horizons
from provinces where mem'ries lie.

Ever-pleasant ~ the metered strum
affecting both eye and ear;
tis the graceful exhilaration ~
of the Phrase-painter, p

jpw welcomes you to his site: "Phrase~painters and Poeteers".
Once upon a time ...a most magnificent dawn burst forth with the realization that a pen could indeed "sculpt the wind".
With a certain and precise organization of words... passions can dance on an epic journey toward forever.
jpw tries his best to insure that his phrases are laced with the colour and blush that life bestows on situations that many may not see.

He would want me to invite you to read his works at your leisure and come back often.

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