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Poet: poet9326


in times my arms cannot hug you,
let my words embrace you...

in times you cannot hear my voice,
listen to the whispers of my soul...

let not distance make a gap,
let these words...
words from my heart a bridge between us.




                                                     ....where I pen down thoughts that I cannot say...
                                                           .......emotions that  I cannot express...
                                                                          share my life's poetry...


Raised from the humblest beginning
To a peasant farmer so hardworking
Who plowed the plain seem untiring
From early dawn until sun is flaming.

Firstborn to an ever loving housekeeper
Who loved her intensely with utmost care
Her lullabies were sweet songs to her ear
As her words of wisdom for her so dear.

From a small village in the far south she grow
Life was so simple yet it always glow
Surrounded by greenfield with rivers that flow
There with friends giggling she run to and fro.

The little girl become now a grown up lady
In sigh she need to leave her valley
She entered the university nervously
There alone by herself, away from family.

Various struggles, hardship confronted her
All she did was to pray so as not to fear
Full of courage, bravely her dream she conquer
She accomplished a degree of five-year.

There she met the man her heart yearn
The man whose love for her so fulfilling
Help her mend her heart so broken
'Til the day when bells were sweetly ringing.

In her soul she dreamt having her own family
And now blessed of five offspring so lovely
Rearing, keeping them to be good was not easy
As long as God is there, she won't weary.

By: AnnalizaDemos-Arzagon a.k.a VirgoSapphire71
dedicated to my late father,Guillermo,
and my mother, Leonila
who mold me to what i am today.

posted: July 11, 2012

copyright @2012 AnnalizaDemos-Arzagon

   to jojo - my bestfriend, my better-half, my life, who stand by me  when everybody seems running away

   my treasures -- jayR, titz,  jojan, angel, & vinju ---my inspirations, my strentgh;

   to my  family - Nanay, my sisters arlene&john, may jane&eddie, rebecca&jing; and brother john
                                - my in-laws  ; nay elfa, tatay nono;jun2;  bing&onel; bong&jane; ann2&oseph

                                   my nephews dam and wife; soy; 
                                   my nieces ariane&faith
                                 to my friends,

                                  to my fellow poetry enthusiasts

 and  to everyyone     ....whom words are music to their ears   ....who appreciate and cherish  life's joys ..... gain strength       in life's challenges, pains, and sorrows.....
                          Also, especially dedicated  FKf...
                           ...    my poetry  mentor,  who inspired me to put thoughts into words ....    with his encourage ment and appreciation of my pieces of works...   who  open this poetry site for me... Salamat ....      my dearest friend who did great things, not only for me, but my whole family...   no words can ever express our gratefulness...  the Good Lord will always bless, protect  you and you entire family   and next generations to come...  

  Above all, to my God Almighty, my Creator....
                         ever-loving.... ever-caring.....  who lifts me up everytime I fall....always walks with me, -even how rugged and dark my path is....always hear my sighs  and cries...  always forgiving ... with my misgivings and wrongdoings never get tired of embracing me--though how sinner I am....


 I hope these pages will give us...

  laughters which make us all  smile

                         sweet tears  reminiscing sweet and bitter memories

                                          still in one way or the other,,,makes us  strong to stand still life's test

                                          and  great drive for a hopeful tomorrow....

                                  .....    my works , made from heart, worded by my soul,

                                   .....    my expressions of life's beauty and splendor

                                          ......   of how challenges crashed my spirit and soul

                                       ......  how I stand after various falls

                                         ......   how triumphs light up my days
                         TO ALL OF YOU.... THESE  HUMBLE  PIECES ARE LOVINGLY AND SINCERELY DEDICATED...                 

                         VirgoSapphire 71  

injoyslife Poetry by injoyslife
Feedback and - critique requested.  


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