Mixed Salad

Ilari Rahja

As I suspect that you already know the function of those funny little buttons on your left, I decided to leave out more detailed operating instructions.

Following may serve as a short introductory to the contents of this site. It's a sort of life's philosophy. Except nothing of the sort?! Maybe more of a description of what actually takes place therein.

As to why I didn't name the whole site accordingly, we'll never know. I'm still wondering myself...

Comments are actually quite welcome (noo kiddin').... Thanks for visiting!

Any comments etc. etc. you want to give me in private?
Pls. do not overlook the feedback-message box-opportunity at the end of each poem (a note to those unaware of such things).

Oh yeah, if you want me to check out your site or to comment on your own work. I'd be happy to, just make sure you sign my guestbook - Or at the least leave site address with your feedback etc. etc. (several have not, sorry guys - Unable to reply)...

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