Truely Feel

Alfred Ernest Pate

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The main theme in all these poems / articles is the "evolution of humans". Men are evolving, proverbs says "that as iron sharpens iron, so humans sharpen humans. This is called evolution. It is happening with all of us, but few are given the visions that gives mankind a jump start. This is indeed a great privilege, but it comes with a greater responsibility and bears an even greater penalty if one doesn't do the best via given talent and resources.
According to both the Bible and Koran God created the universe in 6 days . God said "Be" and it was created. But man was designed to be a reflection of God-like qualities, and thus was created little different. After creation, man had to evolve. i.e;. grow more godlike. Mature and grow both in love and forgiveness all the while taking nourishment and understanding from the Words given through Prophets and Messengers. According to Islam God's one day is equivalent to man's one thousand years. The 7th day was reserved for the evolution of humans. From Adam to now it has been approx. 9 century years, so we still have about 1 century years more for the process of evolvulation.

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