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Donavon Scott Vinson Welcome to Ethereal Moments the Poetry of Donavon Scott Vinson! Please bookmark this page. Click on "Poetry" to your left to read my poems. Click on "News" to read the latest about my poetry and site. Click on "About Us" for more information about me. Thank You for visiting! To me poetry is about the love,joy,sorrows and disappointments of life.We face many struggles,have many hopes and dreams..Some go unrealized while others come to fruition. It is this wonderful journey that makes us who we are. It is of this journey that I write. I draw upon my own rich experiences of solitude,suffering,joy,and pain. The many joys I have had plays it's role as well. There is however a darker side to my writing,expressed in my horror poetry. I write about many things such as nature,war and natural disasters,including fantasy works. I hope that you shall enjoy my poetry,and ask for your honest feedback. Please feel free to sign my guest book. I look forward to hearing from one and all. I can be reached at My books: 1. Reflections On Life 2. Feelings of Love and Loss 3. Joyous Visions and Ethereal Dreams 4. Timeless Emotions 5. Ethereal Mists and Celestial Fire 6. Flames of the Heart: The Passionate Embrace of Love 7. Moonlit Serenade: A Collection of Poetry About Love and Life 8. The Pristine Flames of Love and the Amorous Passions of the Heart All are available at and major online book dealers such as Barnesand Noble, and Borders Books. ***Proudly served in the U.S. Army in the 80's***
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