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The Non Existant Crime Scene Detective Game

Please check the news page when you feel like it
and I'll see if you return from your journey
hidden in my news page is something, a story for those who care
to be involved
pass the tag and beggar their neighbor
who wish to plan to fail
and steal the tag
and claim their fame
and set up a date with a destint and prove to you
there is something going on
but truly maybe its nothing at all
as we work to kill time with this god complex
masterpiece of detail and psychology
of social studies ressurections of riddled walking deadmen
and what it truly takes to pull off the perfect crime
and provide links to one another
to play a game
wether they want to or not
the writers above spotlighted
are already in too deep, do they have a clue?
care to give them one?
care to reach out to a world?
care to dive in and love someone and see how that love is freedom?
this nonexistant crimesce just another game for geniuses with no prize
a story of deadends that never ends
and one day the reward will be there to have it all written down
as our stories inspire everything
and thus that is our piece of the pie
but what is the crime
what is hiding in the news pages?
what journey can i set you off with no compass and no map?
it starts somewhere and maybe your off to a good start too soon
maybe not
we'll see when the time comes
ready or not hide and go seek
theyre all off
writing chapters of poetics
that inspire plays and movcies and songs to revolutionise the globe
we cheerlead to utopia
and whose the man in the middle of suchj a curse
the non existant crime scene of course....

[IF the slide show above isn't playing click refresh]

You can focus on the spelling mistakes
or read it as it is for your advice or pleasure
you can find the words that have missing letters and see what word
being unspelled
or go onto the tangent of the fact
that the words that contain missing letters are in fact hidden message sentences
and those with spelling mistakes secret message sentences of their own
but you know what else youre overlooking?
the words not mispelled.....its true right there in front of you
all along a secret message of perfection
hidden among the mess for you to circle underline or whatever
and lets not forget when you get better at understandin tools of poetry
and realising the meanings of clichjes and illiterations
or similies and how i weave metaphor and how they are another message
deeper than the sea
this book well written with hidden messages
of missin gletter spelling mistakes
and perfect words for you to discover
how when you do discover these things

the mispelled message ;leads you to unscramble the message
the language of the souls teachers you to look for themes and encourtages
you to rewrite the bpook of your fgound messages for yourself
and what questions you have pondered
what you have found
and what you think it all means

this book with imperfections is perfect
and can be uinlocked and the secret messages of hope to be found
pager by page chapter by chapter
word by word
spelling mistake by spelling mistake
everything is perfect and it will probably be studied
and oh did i mention how when you know it well enough
the pages numbers and titles play an intricate game of tag?

This book will be studied many gpone on a goose chase
many will try to write their own,
few hundreds will find what they were after
and millions will thrive on the gold inside the pages
but the writer the worlds second love forever shows this as his soul




after choosing your category and level scroll down to the bottom of this
page and click on poetry list, in that list the poems are numbered,
granted everyday the poems and numbers muight change, i have given them
meaning and levels theye are as follows, if you figure them all out one
day you will be directed somewhere else ont he web to the true level two,
good luck!
but what do u look for on level two and why?

Level 1 is the fate within the works- poem number 123

the categories for level 1 are as follows
213- Art
546- riddle
321- music

Level 2 is the destiny of the levels- Poem number 57
will give you some insight into this
the categories for level two are as follows
567- wordplay
234- truth or dare

Level 3- can u figure it all out?
800- Answer to your question
700- question you are not asking
600- truth about a wish concerning success or negativity

For now thids game is food for thought perhaps can be
catered into a party game for drinks about truth or dare and
charades, make your own rules, and maybe one day i will sell it to
milton beradley and anytime you wnat to play a real cool game with stuff
you have at home with your friends and family just click onto my site and
surf the web to play the fool geniusly for points on a treasure hunt of tasks....

Here are some links for other great sites on the web...
please check them out:





Thank you everyone who purchased My poetry compilation Titled
"Object to Crave"

If you want me to visit your site please try the feedback club it gives me
a direct link to your site in my feedback area to your site...its easier
than bookmaking thirty poets...thanks


and from the keyboard of someone so briquet:

DON'T leave me "feedback" that is just self-advertisement. Just don't.

the same goes here, just a reminder

(also i am working on my site so if you cant read a poem with a dark
background highlight it by holding the left mouse button down and
dragging the cursor over the poem till u get to the bottom then scroll up
with the arrows, thanks for your cooperation, and for those who complain
about my background images etcetera I'm aware, thank u for your gripes)so
with all that aside let's begin as to how my site used to start

.....dum duh dum...

step inside of my mind to see the depths of angels and their dirty wings,
come inside and find yourself at ease in the arms of pain and their demons,
it'll be okay you're safe with me. you're almost there, we're here
together, but you're left alone inside the strings known as me.

click on poetry news or whatever up top up there to take you places,
on up there also are MY favorite poets some are for the time being and
when they don't give me the time of day i let them go, some will be there
on the very top of this screen forever no matter what..... be wary when
you read my guest book i don't delete a reply but may leave comments on
them for my own enjoyment,usually i don't others will do that foe me...
let me know you're here my inspiration, as you psycho analyze me I'll be
psychoanalyzing you, creating a new world order for the bogeymen and the
king I am hiding in the shadows lighting candles and redirecting omens of
seals of fate you have misplaced, I will encourage you to be inspired,
retaliate, justify your ego, reanalyze your beliefs as i pick my scabs and
you apart in what is the political views of which country's way we're
living in, and in who has who brainwashed into thinking what and who is
the leader of the world layers and who is a true believer of what, good
luck scrambling from the psychological messages and inspiration that has
spiraled out from the strings known as me.... as they lead you from thought
to thought as i return to the seeds of building blocks of oracles and
questions to re-examine time machines, have fun be on your best b3haviour
and learn from this life experience,

but good luck sinner!

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Don't forget to check out the poets I have spotlighted at the top and
bottom of the screen(see how they are and how they write,maybe see if they
do or dont spotlight me, maybe that trurth is in our news pages?) many
are my poetic friends and some are very gifted writers that should be
recognized.... maybe one day they will reveal some secrets to me of how to
get published and make something out of the nothing I've become today.
I'm sure you will enjoy them and their words as much as i have over the
years and moments i have spent with them in awe and temporary wonder
pining through their thoughts and memories of their photoalbulm of
thoughts and things they hold dear as well as some of their shared life
lessons....don't miss out like a fool! I know i would but don't be like

My poetry selection Titled BLUE REVOLUTIONARY is on sale until

Also please check out:

its a great place to network and start our poetic revolution

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