Teenage Heart

megan meade


^<<<<----- ***Make sure** that you click on the *Poetry* section and CHECK THAT OUT! ***All my poems begin with a Catergory*** The *POETRY* section is where you will find the descriptions of them. To better understand the poems, you must use that as a reference. It will make it much easier for you, the reader, to put yourself in my shoes. Words paint a picture in your mind, without refering to the poetry section, it might be hard to see the full/right picture<3******************

HeYHeyZ WeLcOmE 2 My Poetry Site! I hope that you like it! check it all out, I'll keep it updated as much as I can! *don't forget to sign my guest book, n give me some feedback* thanx everyone:D luv ya's -megz- if u have an e-mail address or your own poetry site, I'd appreciate it if you also included that

.:**:.cLiCk PoEtRy To ReAd My PoEmS..:**:.
.:**:.cLiCk NeWs To ReAd AbOuT mY pOeTrY SiTe..:**:.
.:**:.cLiCk AbOuT uS fOr MoRe InFo aBoUt Me..:**:.
.:**:.ThAnX tOnZ fOr ViSiTiNg!!.:**:.

Ps: PlEaSe GiVe Me FeEdBaCk On My PoEmZ! :-D ThAnX BuNcHeS -this pic was taken in October of 2004, I'm 15 and in 10th grade in it-