Poems by The Old Cowboy

Edwin Smith

Welcome to The Old Cowboy's site. I write from the heart on what I feel.
I draw from my past for subjects.
I write for my family and friends and hopefully others.
May you enjoy these pages and find something that pleases you.
I hope I can bring a tear to someones eye as they reminisce with me
and my past. To my family that have given me some many wonderful idea's.
To my grandaughter Caitlin who is a fine poet. Young and so full of
stories to bring forth. You can find some of her poetry right here
on my site. Just look close and you will find them.

I am pleased to announce that I have been presented with the Meritorious Service award
from the Vietnam Security Police Association for my poetry. I am humbled and
honored to receive this award.Please see the photo below.
God bless you all:
Edwin J. Smith
The Old Cowboy Poet
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