Thoughts painted here..please take a walk with me

melody clark Welcome to my Poetry Site.   First I would like to humbly thank each of you who may read what I post....I began writing after I received a diagnosis of PTSD about 13 yrs ago....before that...I had never written anything.....about two years after I was diagnosed....I found that most sufferers like myself....could find no words to explain the chaos and darkness in their heads and the same time...I also realized that while PTSD had taken things from me as had given me some gifts....a voice being one of them.....I am one of the lucky few who can put that chaos and darkness into while most of my work is meant for those of us who struggle with this so often misunderstood illness.....and for those who daily so patiently try to love us.....I also hope it will enlighten everyone to mental illness and teach them that to love and understand someone different is a beautiful thing.....for we all matter and contribute in some way.......and I do write pieces that don't always deal with mental illness.....however it is what I know best...and it is with courage that I manage and walk this path every day along with so many others.....and this is dedicated to them all.....thank you and please if you read something here....that you feel may help someone you know.....share it with them....that is my sole purpose in all raise bring understanding and light into such a very dark world......

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