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 Took, Blessed, Broke, and Gave

God took Jesus and sent Him to earth
Conceived by the Spirit the virgin birth
He blessed Him on the wings of a dove
Descending on Him from heaven above

He broke His body nailed to the cross
Where He gave His Son to save the lost
In three days, raised Him from the grave
Victory over death, every sin He forgave

At His final Last Supper, Jesus took bread
Bread of Life, which we are spiritually fed
He blessed it with thanks to the Father above
Broke it and gave it to the disciples with love

Jesus took away forever all of my sins
He gave eternal life and His Spirit within
When He breaks me, pain lasts for a time
But His blessing follows by His love divine

I take all my burdens, laying them at His feet
I bless Him with every breath and heart beat
I break His heart when I disobey His ways
I give Him forever glory, honor and praise

Carol Salter 10/6/09

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